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When we were looking for someone to play the challenging role of lowlife drug dealer and human wreck Jan, Mads was by far and away the best choice. Throughout the process he was an absolute joy to work with. He would easily tap into the character’s raw and aggressive nature, but also added a lot of vulnerability, resulting in an outstanding portray that played a crucial part in the overall quality of the series. Mads brings passion, remarkable commitment, and a powerful presence to any role he plays, resulting in true life on the screen.

Mads is a fantastic actor with a unique ability to use his knowledge of dramaturgy and turning points to make characters that in the script may seem one dimensional, to appear truthful, moving, and profound. In addition, he is just great on camera. The lens truly loves him, making the smallest movements on his face thrilling to watch. In short, a treasure to any production.

Working with Mads is always a pleasure. A fine actor and super fun guy, with a unique ability to completely transform himself.

Mads er på mange måder en komplet spiller – fysisk stærk med et følsomt indre liv. Han kan strække sig fra komiske til det dramatisk alvorlige med en sikker timing og sans for genrer. Han kan svinge fra det farligt uforudsigelige til det skrøbelige sårbare. Og bedst af alt, han er nysgerrig, sjov at arbejde at med, udfordrende, uden at være stædig, og altid åben for det uprøvede og usikre land. Simpelthen en fornøjelse at arbejde med.

Mads began his journey at Mungo Park as a guest-starring actor. However, his raw talent, discipline, hard work, and warm personality quickly earned him a place among the lead cast. He is an excellent actor, great at improvising, and following direction, yet he always brings unique ideas to the table. A generous colleague both on and off stage, demanding the best of every involved in the proces, not least himself, which makes it an absolute pleasure to work with him. The audience loves him and so do we!

Mads is a rare commodity. A fantastic, good looking actor with an impeccable comic timing. Who said man crush?

Having worked with Mads on several occasions I have always rejoiced in the ease with which he adapts himself to the accent/language we were aiming for – whether it was German or one of English… not only does he have an acute ear but moreover he has the sense of how to incorporate the linguistic devices into his character which makes whomever he portrays more authentic and truthful.

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