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Playing age:  30-45
Height:  183 cm / 6 feet
Eye colour:  Blue
Hair colour: Blond

Appearence: Caucasian, Scandinavian, German, Dutch, American, British, Eastern European
Languages: English UK/US (mother tongue), Danish (mother tongue), German (fluent) 

Language Knowledge:  French, Norwegian, Swedish and enough Italian to order a pizza
Voice:  Tenor (Rock, pop, rap, musical)
Instruments:  Guitar (good), drums (good), bass, ukulele, percussion
Licenses/Certificates:  Car (B), Motorcycle (A), Master Scuba Dive
Skills/Sports: Stunts, boxing, fencing, horse riding, dancing, swimming, spearfishing, skiing, soccer, tennis, basketball, ice skating, golf, first aid, weightlifting

Danish National School of Performing Arts I 4 year BA Acting program I 2004-2008
Meisner Technique I William Esper Studio (NYC) I 2009
Exchange Semester I The Conservatory of Vienna I 2008

Ivana Chubbuck technique I 2022
Creative Writing I 2022
Anthony Meindl Masterclass (LA) I 2021
Simone Dietrich Dialect coach I German, RP and general American and various accents I 2011-2022
The Casting Circle 3 + 4 with CD’s Debbie McWilliams, Lycinda Syson, Nathalie Cheron, Tanja Grunwald, Simone Bar, Anja Dihrberg I 2021
David Penn Masterclass I 2014
Danish Film Actor’s Academy i 2011-2014
Casting Director masterclass with Nancy Bishop (UK/EU/US), Rie Hedegaard (Denmark), and Anja Philip (Denmark) I 2012

FILM Role Year Director/Studio
The Angel Maker Support 2023 Esben Tønnesen/Frit Fald ApS
Out of the darkness Support 2022 Anders Refn/Space Rocket Nation (Nicholas Winding Refn)
The Deportation of a Model Citizen Support 2022 Jacob Pilgaard/Willow Film
The bombardment Support 2021 Ole Bornedal/Miso Film / Netflix
Out of Control Lead 2019 Louis Paldrup/Pegasus Production
The Shamer’s Daughter 2 – The Serpent Gift (Shamer Chronicles) Support 2019 Ask Hasselbalch/Nepethe Film
In Love and War Support 2018 Kasper Torsting/Fridthjof Film
Filip’s Dad (most streamed Youtube clip in Denmark 2017) Lead 2017 Simon Bonde/Honeytrap Film
Firmafesten (short Story) Lead 2017 Trine Nadia/Nepethe Film
Mørke Rum (Ekko Short List Winner) Lead 2016 Peter Ahlén Lavrsen/Zentropa
Three Fractures (short story) Lead 2015 Toni Kamula/Fridthjof Film
Warsaw 44 Support 2014 Jan Komasa/Akson Studios
A Royal Affair (Academy Award Nominee) Support 2013 Nikolaj Arcel/Zentropa
Kærlige Kamilla (short story) Lead 2012 Kim Blidorf/Zentropa
The Wild Swans Support 2009 Peter Flindt/Nordisk Film
Ein Mann, Ein Fjord (German Academy Award Nominee) Support 2009 Angelo Colagrossi/ZDF
TV Role Year Director/Network
Families Like Ours Guest star 2023 Thomas Vinterberg (Oscar 2023 winner)/Zentropa / Danish National TV2
Sløborn (Season 3) Lead 2023 Christian Alvart/HBO MAX
Unter Anderen Umständen – Dämonen Guest star 2023 Judith Kennel/German National ZDF / Network Movie
Fallen Support 2023 Olaf Spaak/Filmlance International / C More / Swedish National STV
All You Need (Season 2) Lead 2022 Benjamin Gutsche/UFA Fiction/ARD One
Sløborn Season 2 Lead 2021 Christian Alvart/HBO Nordic/SYRREAL Entertainment/ZDF/Nordisk Film
All You Need Lead 2020 Benjamin Gutsche/UFA Fiction/ARD One
Hvide Sande Support 2020 Tilde Harkamp & Barbera Topsøe Rothenborg/Danish National TV2
Sløborn Season 1 Support 2019 Christian Alvart/HBO Nordic/SYRREAL Entertainment/ZDF/Nordisk Film
Grænseland Lead 2019 Johannes Pico/National Danish DR
Bøf Lead 2019 Eigil Hedegaard/Jumping Crocodile
Straight Forward Support 2019 Peter Burger, Charlie Haskell, Riccardo Pellizzeri/Mastiff/Viaplay
Nord Nord Mord Support 2016 Anno Saul/German National ZDF
Großstadtrevier (5 seasons – 74 episodes) Lead 2011-2016 Max Zähle (Oscar Nominee), Till Franzen, Thomas Stuber, Lars Jessen, Marcus Weiler, Thorsten Wacker/German National ARD
Norskov Support 2015 Louise Friedberg, Christian E. Christiansen/Danish National TV2
1864 Support 2014 Ole Bornedal/Miso Film/Danish National DR
A Case For Two: Reloaded (2 episodes) Support 2013 Andreas Herzog/Marcus Ulbricht/German National ZDF
The Protectors (Emmy Winner) Support 2009 Søren Kragh-Jacobsen/Danish National DR1
Store Drømme Support 2009 Kari Vidø/Danish National TV2
Tjenesten Support 2009 Nikolaj Würtz/Danish National DR2
2900 Happiness Support 2008 Adam V. Neutzsky-Wullf/Danish National TV3
STAGE Role Year Director/Theatre
Lazarus (By David Bowie) Valentine 2022 Heinrich Christensen/The Royal Danish Theatre
The Secret of Randers (Danish, English, and German version) Henrik Pontoppidan 2022 Petra Leonie Pilcher/Randers Egnsteater
Rise Lazarus, Rise! The Man 2021 Niels Erling/AKT1
Against The Current H.C.Ørsted 2021 Jakob Engmann/Baggardteatret
Lazarus by David Bowie Valentine (lead) 2020 Heinrich Christensen/The Royal Danish Theatre
Under The Ice H.C.Andersen 2020 Jacob Schjødt/Baggårdteatret
Lazarus Valentine a.o. 2020-2021 Heinrich Christensen/The Royal Danish Theatre
Erhardt against the monoply Vemmer 2019 Peter Langdal/Mungo Park
Terrified of the son Ensemble 2019 Nicolei Faber/Mungo Park
Camille Cloud’s Column Ensemble 2019 Heinrich Christensen/Mungo Park
H.C. Andersen – The Complete Works H.C.Andersen/Leffe 2016-19 Heinrich Christensen/Mungo Park
Mungo Park – Travels in The Interior of Africa (Fringe Festival) Ensemble 2016-19 Martin Lyngbo/Mungo Park
The Fritz Hansen Segment Edvard Brandes 2017-19 Kamilla Bach Mortensen/Mungo Park/Betty Nansen Theatre
Quietness Ensemble 2019 Marianne Mortensen/Mungo Park
Hamlet Laertes + R&G 2017-18 Martin Lyngbo/Mungo Park/Betty Nansen Theatre
Mexico City Poems Ensemble 2018 Simon Boberg/Mungo Park
Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, une nuit) Manu 2018 Anders Lundorph/Mungo Park
Ballads    Diverse 2018 Henrik Prip/Mungo Park
Greenland Frode 2018 Tue Biering/Mungo Park
Loneliness Ensemble 2017 Anja Behrens/Mungo Park
Moby Dick Narrator/Ismael 2017 Rune David Grue/Mungo Park
A Doll’s House Helmer 2016 Lars Kaalund/Mungo Park
You and me forever Ensemble 2016 Kenneth Kreutzmann/Aveny T/Aarhus Theatre
H.C.Andersen – the complete works Peder 2015 Heinrich Christensen/Mungo Park
IB3EN Stockmann 2013 Lydia Bunk/Momentum
Aalborg – Jeg elsker dig Ensemble 2010 Maria K. Sunesen/Aalborg Theatre
De Skrigende Halse Frank 2010 Gitte Aagaard/Nordkraft and Aalborg Theatre
3. Stop from Gug (live comedy improv) Ensemble 2010 Aalborg Theatre
Guys and Dolls (Musical) Calvin 2010 Mikala Bjarnov Lage/Aalborg Theatre
Folk og Røvere i Kardemommeby Jesper 2010 Geir Sveass/Aalborg Theatre
Lecture The Man 2009-18 Heinrich Christensen/Mungo Park
Tohuwabohu Ensemble 2008 Anne Lenk/Off Theatre Vienna
The Goldberg Variations by George Tabori Masch 2008 Mia Lipschitz/Statens T.
Handbag by Mark Ravenhill Phil 2007 Thomas Bendixen/ Statens T.
The Misanthrope by Moliére Philente 2006 Vibeke Wrede/Statens T.
Midtvejs Projekt Jon 2006 Per Smedegaard/The Royal Theatre
Henrik and Pernille Leander 2006 Vibeke Wrede/Grønnegårds T.
The Sound of Music (Reumert awarded) Rolf 2004 Daniel Bohr/Det Ny Teater
Personals (Musical) Ensemble 2003 Pierre Westerdahl/Gladsaxe Theatre
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